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Total Presentation is known for its stunning mock up & blowups. But did you know that we also support you in related services such as; 3D digital packshots, photography and design? We take on every challenge to make your product fully as expected.

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Our story

About the brand

Since its establishment in 1987, Total Presentation has been creating mock-ups and dummies of products and packaging that are not (yet) on the market.

From simple boxes, beer bottles, stand-up bags and shrink wrap to life-size blow-ups and unique objects. Which can be used for sketches, consumer research, presentations, photography in advertisements, packshots and in commercials.

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Wondering what Total Presentation can do for you? Click on the icon to view one of our services. Is it not there? Contact us, we are sure to have a solution for you.

Sometimes you just want to hold the design instead of previewing it on your screen.

BLow up

Stand out far above the crowd with Total Presentation's blow-ups and stand out tremendously!

Print Proofing

The right substrate with the right colours, a perfect picture as a reference for the printer.

Digital packshots

Our detailed 3D digital packshots are suitable for both off and online advertising these days.

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why total presentation

Passion & skills

Total Presentation focuses on creating mock ups, prototypes and the production of dummy packaging, merchandising products, special promotional materials and 3D digital pack shots. Our clients range from food and non-food industries to advertising agencies and market researchers. Through the tailor-made combination of know-how, experience, talents and resources of recognised specialists, Total Presentation creates an innovative and inspiring ambience, resulting in smart solutions. Our mission is to visualise and realise your imagination!


Strong points

high quality

We print with high quality on premium substrates, in addition, our ECO UV inks are less harmful to the environment.

fair pricing

We supply all our products with high quality at an attractive price, which is fair.

short deadlines

We are used to it! Within 24 hours, we can have a mock up ready for you.

fast shipping

Fast delivery; durable, packaged with care and always included in the price. Perfect for
short deadlines.

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