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A dummy, prop or mockup are often used interchangeably. A mockup usually refers to a product that is still being designed. During the design process, it is important to test what it looks like. So it is important that it cannot be distinguished from the real thing! This will therefore be a single production run to test whether the current design meets all requirements, wishes and expectations.

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A doypack is usually a plastic package that is folded and sealed is.


By a label, we mainly mean a label attached to the product.


A flow pack is usually a plastic package widely used in industry.

Shrink wrap

A shrink film is a plastic which is shrunk around the product using heat.


A Tetrapak is a folded package made of laminated cardboard.

Folding carton

Folding carton is folded to bundle or protect the product.


By tinfoil we mean thin aluminium lids used on the top of a plastic container or tub


A wrap is packaging that is folded around the product itself. 

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