Total Presentation works for a variety of design agencies, A-brands, manufacturers and retailers.

Our clients are mainly in the packaging industry and want to make an idea, concept or design, tangible. This often has to fit within their schedule so quick delivery is not unusual for us.

For example, you are looking for a series of mock-ups for a consumer survey or advertisement. You already have a design ready so now it is imperative that these can be used before the deadline. At Total Presentation, we like to take a moment to go through exactly what you have in mind so that we can deliver a product that 100% matches your expectations.

You may also only have a rough sketch of a unique object, such as a prestigious award or a revolutionary concept. Here we will be happy to think along with you to exceed expectations with the result.

Our common materials

Every order is different and because our products are used in various ways, the materials used vary. Supplied material is basically no problem, but we also have many substrates in stock. The materials we use most often are vinyl, paper and foil.

Our values

Total Presentation strives to serve you as best as possible in your question. For this, we use the following values:


We work with a small team and understand that every project is different. This means we are always looking for the right formula for your product. With personal contact, we keep communication short. This way, Total Presentation can take the work off your hands and you are kept informed of all developments, which is very convenient.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and often manage to amaze our customers. Combining new techniques with experience and handwork makes everything possible. For example, each product is carefully checked before it is shipped. This way, we can guarantee the best results.


Total Presentation has been providing high-quality mock-ups and other products for decades. This means we have a lot of experience in making dummies. We have overcome many challenges, applying these skills to current assignments. By combining proven methods with new techniques, we are able to develop completely new products that you are looking for.


Many assignments are linked to a short deadline. With our personal approach and many years of experience, we can meet any challenge. A short deadline is often not a problem and we are happy to go the extra mile so that we can achieve a suitable outcome.

The solution

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to do many different projects, so your solution may not be listed here. Curious about what we can do for you? Then get in touch with us.