Ordering blow-ups?

For any blow-up, you have come to the right place! With many years of experience in different materials and an extensive network of production partners, anything is possible! Also let us know what (and how) it will be used for, as this too will greatly influence the construction of a blow-up.

What is a blow-up

A blow-up is an enlargement of the original. Literally translated, it is an inflated version, although this is not entirely true. In fact, a good blow-up is enlarged to scale, which means everything remains the same in proportion. These large objects are valuable for making an impression. A blow-up of your product at an entrance is not to be missed! And where the original product would normally fit in the palm of your hand, it will now be as big as yourself, so visible from a greater distance.

The use of a blow-up can also vary so this is something Total Presentation is happy to think about. If it will be actively used as a prop, it is nice if it is robust and light weight. But if it will only have to stand, a heavier weight is again preferred, with, for example, wheels to move it easily.

Why a blow-up

A blow-up is a strong promotional material. The new packaging might not be immediately noticeable on the shelves unless you stand directly in front of it. And if you will place this at the entrance, you will quickly look over it. With a blow-up, when you park your car, you can already see what is going on, which increases the product's visibility enormously!

Quality blow-up

A blow-up is often displayed in public areas for a long period of time. This means it has to be resistant to impacts and UV light. By using UV ink with high scratch resistance, Total Presentation's blow-ups can withstand everyday use. And by using modern materials, it is possible to keep large objects light without losing stability and sturdiness.

Years of knowledge and experience

Over the years, several blow-ups have been made at Total Presentation. This allows us to fall back on successful formulas from previous blow-ups, or combine techniques from different blow-ups. By being in the business for a long time, we also have good ties with our suppliers. This, in combination with our extensive network, enables us to respond quickly to any production technique.

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