3D packshots & specials

Are you looking for a unique object or a digital version of your product? Or do you need a special replica of the product from a different kind of material? Total Presentation has been serving its clients for more than 30 years by creating what you are looking for.

What is a special or 3D digital packshot?

A special is an object or product, which is only needed in a few pieces. It often revolves around exclusivity and the use of high-quality materials. It involves a lot of handwork to ensure that everything becomes a whole and this is what also makes it special. A specials is not possible on conventional production methods because otherwise it would become too expensive and therefore unrealistic. It is often something you think up and will not actually see, and this is exactly why it is so much fun for us to work on it.

A 3D digital packshot in contrast, is a digital product that you can rotate 360 degrees so you have the right angle of your product. It is suitable for both as off and online advertising.

Why a special

These special objects are often used to impress, as awards or gifts. Think, for example, of a contest award or a unique performance of the best running product for the director. It will then be kept as a prestige object or can be displayed at an entrance.

It is an excellent means of strengthening relationships or thanking parties. It shows that you have thought about what your customer means to you. And because this appreciation is worth more than a reward, the gesture of a unique object, specially made for the occasion, is an excellent way to strengthen ties.

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