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Caledonian - brewery chest

Special from the first shelf

This unique cabinet was made to convey a story, feel and style to the end customer. Besides, this one was also made to impress than it certainly succeeded!

Within a week, this unique object was commissioned by our client. Here, the customer only provided drawings and sketches, which we were able to convert into the final result.

The wood is treated with a dark stain at the back, this cabinet has brass corner pieces for protection. Brass handles are attached to the sides and the doors have a metallic silver print on the inside and outside and stay closed with a luxury closure.

Behind the doors you will find 3 drawers, each containing unique objects that conveyed the story for the new branding. Each drawer has a unique embossed name plate provided with a dark wax colouring. The top two laded contained printed materials and the bottom drawer was filled with small objects linked to the product and story.

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special dummy packaging caledonianchest amsterdam 2