Order mock-ups?

We are happy to help you with any mock-up. Total Presentation has been making the highest quality mock-ups for the packaging industry and more for over 30 years! We work with a small team to deliver quickly and are happy to think along with you.

What is a mock-up

Mock-ups, prop or dummies are often used interchangeably. A mock-up usually refers to a product that did not yet physically exist. During the design process, it is important to test what it looks like. So it is important that it is indistinguishable from the real thing! This will therefore be a single production run to test whether the current design meets all requirements, wishes and expectations.

Why a mock-up

Manufacturing is done on a large scale to keep the cost per product down. This often includes start-up costs that can run into thousands of euros. It also often takes a long time to get production up and running.

When making a single, a few, or a series of mock-ups, you have the advantage that the cost is lower and it can be made in a few days by Total Presentation.

Quality mock-ups

To make ideas come to life, nothing works better than a high-quality mock-up. How it looks, how it feels, the weight and the finish. These are all components that can make a packaging stand out to present your product in the best possible way. Because a package is so much more than the product it contains. At a glance, packaging reflects the quality of the product and also the brand image of the product.

Years of knowledge and experience

Total Presentation uses its many years of knowledge and the latest machinery to display this complete look in one, or several premium mock-ups. Each mock-up is assembled by hand to ensure quality on each one. So you can rest assured that your mock-ups look tip-top, just real!

Different types of mock-ups

Mock-ups that are common are stand-up pouches, Quadroseals, labelling, stand-up bags, wrappers, boxes, flowpacks, shrink sleeves and blow-ups. But creating mock-ups also means creating products and packaging that do not yet exist. Because innovating is important and ensures that your design will stand out more than the competition. Thanks to our knowledge and unique working method, we have not yet come across a mock-up we could not make.

Different materials

We can also work with and combine many different materials. This means that most diverse mock-ups will not pose a problem and will not slow us down in delivery time. The materials we work with on a daily basis are cardboard, foil and shrink sleeves. But we can also work with supplied materials.

Design processes need to be faster and faster and this means you need to be able to rely on fast delivery. We work flexibly and can therefore deliver quickly so that you can meet the deadline. This way, you can still present or evaluate the project or design without having to adjust the planning or losing time.

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